WINDMILL VALVE Factory Profile

Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve,

Wafer Check Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve,

Strainer. Bellow Sealed Valve, Safety Valve, ect.
1/2"42" (Butterfly Valve upto 200” DN5000)
manual, handwheel, gearbox, chain wheel,

pneumatic, electronic, hydraulic actuator


WINDMILL VALVE have nearly 6 years’ experience of valve export.

Its name was derived from our business aspiration that

keep the valves and business running like Windmill.

WINDMILL is one of the leading valve manufacturer to

supply all types valves for international market.

Especially in the past five years, we have gained considerable achievements.

Valve Characteristic Feature in English and Chinese

Valve Characteristic Feature in English and Chinese


2.Air valve

3.Back pressure

4.Ball valve


6.Butterfly valve


Commonly Used Valves in English

Self-acting valve

Actuanted valve

Gate valve,slide valve

Parallel gate valve,parallel slide valve

Wedge gate valve

Outside screw stem rising through handwheel type gate valve


Duplex Stainless Steel Digesters (Duplex Steel, DSS Steel Material)

Duplex Steel/DSS Steel/Duplex Stainless Steel Specification


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