DIN3840 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve - Lugged

 DIN3840 HP Butterfly Valve
 High Performance
 Triple Eccentric Design
 Bi-Direction Seal
 Lugged Type
 Metal Seal & Soft Seal
 Size: DN40 - DN2000
 Pressure: PN6~PN63

DIN 3840 Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

 High Performance
 Triple/Double Eccentric
 Bi-direction Seal
 Wafer,Lug,Flanged,Butt Weld  
 Metal Seal & Soft Seal
 Size: DN50-DN5000
 Pressure: PN10-63

Concentric Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Products Range:
Size: DN40-DN2000
Rating: 125Lb-250Lb, PN6-16
Iron: CastIron, Ductile iron
Carbon: WCB,LCB,LCC,
Stainless: CF8,CF8M,CF3, CF3M
Actuation:Lever, Gear, Actuators

Bi-directional Seal Butterfly Valve

• Bidirectional Seal
• Eccentric Offsets
• Size:2"-200", and above
• Wafer, Flange, Lug, available
• Metal Seal
• Zero leakage & Fire Safe,
• Low Torque, Easy Operation
• ISO Top Flange for actuator

0.5 Seconds Quick Closing Butterfly Valve

Size: DN150-DN2000
Pressure: PN2.5-PN40
Open Time: 10 ~ 90 seconds
Close Time: 10 ~ 90 seconds
Quick closing: 0.3 ~ 0.8's
Flow resistance coefficient: 0.1
Control action:open/close/stop

Electric Actuator Butterfly Valve

• AUMA Actuator
• High performance
• Triple & Doouble eccentric
• Low attrition
• High termperature&pressure
• Zero leakage
• Adjustment and shut-off
• Low maintenance costs

Penumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

• Penumatic actuator operation
Triple eccentric strucutre
Low attrition
• High termperature services
Zero leakage
Both have adjust and shut-off fuction
Low maintenance costs

Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve

• Butterfly with Counterweight
• Control by Electric and Hydraulic
• High termperature services
• Zero leakage
• Both have adjust and shut-off
• Low maintenance costs.



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