Penumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

• Penumatic actuator operation
Triple eccentric strucutre
Low attrition
• High termperature services
Zero leakage
Both have adjust and shut-off fuction
Low maintenance costs

Steam Jacket Valves & Heat Insulation Valve

Steam Jacket Valves Series
Jacket Gate Valve,
Jacket Globe Valve,
Jacket Check Valve,
Jacket Ball Valve,
Jacket Butterfly Valve


Ultrasonic Inspection Testing(Non-Destructive Testing)

Painting Thickness Inspection
(Non-Destructive Testing)



Painting Thickness Inspection

Painting Thickness Inspection
(Non-Destructive Testing)



Dye Penetration Test (Non-Destructive Testing )

Dye Penetration Test
(Non-Destructive Testing)



internal subsea tree cap can be installed

Aker Subsea recently introduced a new internal subsea tree cap that promises ease of installation at depths of 10,000 ft below the ocean surface. The cap, which can be installed and retrieved by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), also promises more efficient installations at lower overall costs. The Aker Subsea tree caps are designed for use on concentric bore, vertical subsea trees. The cap acts as a barrier to keep the subsea environment clean in the event of any leaks above the annulus and production swab valves.

Hydraulic Control Butterfly Valve

• Butterfly with Counterweight
• Control by Electric and Hydraulic
• High termperature services
• Zero leakage
• Both have adjust and shut-off
• Low maintenance costs.


Compact Port Spectrometer Inspection

Inspection STD:
Compact Port Spectrometer Inspection
Spectrometer made in Europe


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