API622 Fugitive Emission Test

Emissions standards for valves continue to tighten up and to help meet the need for low fugitive emissions valves,
WINDMILL Valve offers fugitive emissions testing, with both methane and helium, to a sensitivity of two ppm.

Cryogenic Valves

Low Permeability Nitrogen Test
Low Temperature Design
Impact Testing per Heat No.
X-Ray Radiographic Inspection
Expanded Stem
API600 Design
Material: CF8/CF8M,LCC/LCB

Steam Jacket Valves & Heat Insulation Valve

Steam Jacket Valves Series
Jacket Gate Valve,
Jacket Globe Valve,
Jacket Check Valve,
Jacket Ball Valve,
Jacket Butterfly Valve


Explosion Proof Limit Switch

Explosion Proof Limit Switch
Size: DN50 -DN800 (mm)
Class: 150Lbs-2500Lbs
Flanged: ANSI,DIN
Actuator: pneumatic actuator operated
Installtion flange: ISO5211

Goggle Valve(Germany Technology) - New Valve

Design: API DIN Standard
Size: 2"-80" GOGGLE VALVE


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