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Metal to metal sealed ball valve

Metal to metal sealed ball valves


Metal to metal sealed ball valve 

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1. Metal to metal sealed ball valves Piston action seat design. According to customers' requirements, ball valve can be disigned to single piston action,self-release pressure seat and double piston action,dual sealing structure. The pressure auto release device should be installed in the body if the seat is designed to double pistion action. When the pressure exceed allowed pressure 1.33 times, the pressure can be released automaticly. Thus ensure running safty.

2 The Metal to metal sealed ball valve's ball and the seat are coated by Ni base or WC, the hardness can be higher than HRC65, Metal to metal sealed ball valve has advantages such as unti-friction and corrossion resistance.

3 The design for the seat is fully sealed type, thus the impurity cann't enter the seat, avoid the seat being stucked, ensure the reliable safty. Metal to metal sealed ball valve adopts O-ring Or V type packing sealing structure, with the spring and medium press, the V type packing can inflate to achieve sealing.

4 The sealing for the stem are O-ring and packing. WINDMILL also install a retainer in the middle. When the packing lost effect, we can inject grease to achieve emergency seal. The packing is pressed tight by the bolts, and the spring is also installed here, so when the packing lose, it can also be sealed.

5 Bellow entrance stem. Unti-blowoff ,unti-static,ensure the reliable use.


Metal to metal sealed ball valve PRODUCTS RANGE:

Size ranges: 1”-36”
Rating:Class: Class150~Class2500
Connecting mode: Socket weld, butt-weld, flange, etc.
Material:Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Structure type: floating ball valve type, Trunnion ball valve type , One-piece, two-piece or three-piece structure.

Metal to metal sealed ball valve feature:

Severe Service Ball Valve
Metal Seated Design
Cavity pressure self relief
Blowout-proof stem
Ball & stem in one piece


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