2007 DIN EN Standards

2007 DIN EN Standards

DIN EN 1077-2007
Helmets for alpine skiers and swowboarders

DIN EN 1092-1-2007
Flanges and their joints - Circular flanges for pipes, valves, fittings and accessories, PN designated - Part 1: Steel flanges

DIN EN 12004-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Requirements, evaluation of conformity, classification and designation

DIN EN 12697-2-2007
Bituminous mixtures - Test method for hot mix asphalt - Part 2: Determination of particle size distribution

DIN EN 12697-30-2007
Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt - Part 30: Specimen preparation by impact compactor

DIN EN 12697-32-2007
Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt - Part 32: Laboratory compaction of bituminous mixtures by vibratory compactor

DIN EN 12697-33-2007
Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt - Part 33: Specimen prepared by roller compactor

DIN EN 12697-34-2007
Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt - Part 34: Marshall test

DIN EN 13001-2-2007
Cranes - General design - Part 2: Load actions

DIN EN 13016-1-2007
Liquid petroleum products - Vapour pressure - Part 1: Determination of air saturated vapour pressure (ASVP) and calculated dry vapour pressure equivalent (DVPE)

DIN EN 13016-2-2007
Liquid petroleum products - Vapour pressure - Part 2: Determination of absolute pressure (AVP) between 40℃ and 100℃

DIN EN 13053-2007
Ventilation for buildings - Air handling units - Rating and performance for units, components and sections

DIN EN 1308-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Determination of slip

DIN EN 13155-2007
Cranes - Non fixed load lifting attachments

DIN EN 1323-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Concrete slabs for tests

DIN EN 1324-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Determination of shear adhesion strength of dispersion adhesives

DIN EN 13454-2-2007
Binders, composite binders and factory made mixtures for floor screeds based on calcium sulfate - Part 2: Test methods

DIN EN 1346-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Determination of open time

DIN EN 1348-2007
Adhesives for tiles - Determination of tensile adhesion strength for cementitious adhesives

DIN EN 13557-2007
Cranes - Controls and control stations

DIN EN 13606-2-2007
Health informatics - Electronic health record communication - Part 2: Archetypes interchange specification

DIN EN 13771-2-2007
Compressors and condensing units for refrigeration - Performance testing and test methods - Part 2: Condensing units

DIN EN 13966-1-2003 Determination of the transfer efficiency of atomising and spraying equipment for liquid coating materials - Part 1: Flat panels
DIN EN 13977-2007
Railway applications - Track - Safety requirements for portable machines and trolleys for construction and maintenance

DIN EN 14246-2006
Gypsum elements for suspended ceilings - Definitions, requirements and test methods; German version EN 14246:2006

DIN EN 14829-2007
Independent gas-fired flueless space heaters for nominal heat input not exceeding 6 kW

DIN EN 14908-1-2007
Open Data Communication in Building Automation, Controls and Building Management - Building Network Protocol - Part 1: Protocol Stack

DIN EN 15152-2007
Railway applications - Front windscreens for train cabs

DIN EN 15178-2007
Elements for the identification of products in emergency enquiries

DIN EN 15188-2007
Determination of the spontaneous ignition behaviour of dust accumulations

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